Important COVID-19 Announcement


The team here at AMA would like to thank our congregation for their support and cooperation during this pandemic.

We are grateful for the effort, compliance, and diligence you have shown in trying to limit the spread of COVID-19.

As you may be aware, the recent Omicron variant has been spreading throughout our community. We want to take this opportunity to remind our community to be mindful, remain vigilant, and do not let your guard down with these 3 guidelines:

  • Please come to the masjid during the time of prayer before the Iqaama. The times of the daily prayers can be seen here. After each prayer, the doors are closed for safety purposes.
  • Please continue to comply with the Ottawa Public Health guidelines of wearing a mask indoors at all times and practicing social distancing.
  • If you experience flu-like symptoms such as a fever, a runny nose, or coughing, please stay home to focus on your health and recovery.

For your health and safety, please respect these guidelines.


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